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I am a young man of 35years, I want to settle down but my parents are not in agreement with me on the lady I'm bringing to them because of tribe, I'm ibo and the lady is from akwa ibom. Now what do I do.


~ 3 months ago kingcalors said:
If you are a MAN then act like one
My dear, Marriage isn' t something you play with. It isn' t something you enter and come out just like that. It has a spiritual implication. (1) You need to know the persons spiritual background and culture. (2) You need to know if both of you will agree to respect each others feelings and families. (3) You need to know if both of you genuinely care for each other cos a lot of families pretend they care for each other while they are living like cat and mouse. (4) You also need to carefully find out her strengths & weaknesses in order to know if both of you are compatible. (5) If you are a Christian you need to be prayerful concerning finding a wife to marry because if you marry another person' s wife you are doomed for life. (6) You also need to listen to your parents and know why they are against you marrying the lady. If you are sure that some of these are taken care of, then you need to sit your parents down and tell them what they need to know. If not, you shouldn' t address yourself as a man because you dont act like one. From the look of things it seems you' ll allow your parents choose a wife for you, control you and also tell you how and when to have your children. If sounds absord but I am telling you what will happen if you aren' t careful. I am a realist and I like saying the truth no matter how you feel. Take a BOLD step and do the right thing before it is too late. Kaycee

~ 3 months ago IgboMELANIN said:
Either you marry her OR pk an igbo girl to marry. but if you really love love love love her and feel shes the soulmate God brought you to be with and youve gotten confirmation that shes the one then go on ahead dude. Your family will eventually accept it.
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~ 2 months ago rambos said:
bro do not listen to your parents when you found the one for yourself, as i am talking to you now my parents make me pass through hell that i am today. so if you are man take you own decision by your self
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~ 2 months ago Winner4life said:
Are u not a man?
If the lady in question is giving u joy and peace of mind, my brother follow ur heart and do the needful... ur parents are almost completing their race here on earth.Ur happiness should be a priority! Stop being a mummy' s boy and grow up
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