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I am a lady in my mid thirty. I trust men with all of my Heart but it seems I am making a big mistake. I have been dealt with by men and it hurts me so much. I decided that i won't trust any man again in my life. I want a genuine advice on how to love a man without hurting myself because I have a tender heart.


~ 3 months ago youngrashy said:
Keep loving sweety. A genuine man like me will soon come for you.

~ 3 months ago gaza said:
anytime, anywhere you see men, RUN! RUN!!! RUN!!!
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~ 3 months ago Thomax said:
Love is a risk
Love is a risk but if u didn' t want to end up old & alone, u will av to take a chance on someone. Do ur best to make urself valuable to ur man (no man leaves a valuable woman) & be ready to tolerate. No man is perfect but at d end, growing old with d one u truly love is worth all the risk in this world.

~ 3 months ago John_Zelada91 said:
Don't force things
Don' t despair at the least expected moment the right person arrives, but don' t force things
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~ 2 months ago rambos said:
sis one mistake you lady made is to spread your legs for any man that comes your way, when he got what he want he will surely flew away, and check yourself because sometime you may be cause of your down fall
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~ 2 months ago Henroko said:
Pls try not to remember your past
Pls try not to remember your past because it will destroy your future, God has given you the heart to love and there' s nothing you can do about that, just be patient the wright man will come your way and when dose nothing on earth can take him away from you even yourself. Wish you the best
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~ 2 months ago mogaji01 said:
My advice to you is to always try to prevent pushing yourself too much to a man and given him the intention that you are desperate to settle down.A relationship involves 2 people so if he is willing to abide by your rules then he will stay but the moment a man always want what he wants without considering your opinion and feelings then that is not a positive relationship,leave before you get hurt.
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