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My boyfriend said I need to chose between him and my best friend of over 5 years, what can I do? Should I let him go?


~ 4 weeks ago youngrashy said:
Send him to maiduguri

~ 3 weeks ago Tongiless1 said:
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~ 2 weeks ago mjamazing said:
Thread with caution.
You didn' t mention whether your best friend is male or female. However, your boyfriend need to give reasons why he wants you to end your relationship with your best friend. This will now guide you on the steps to take which can point to the following options:- 1. If you actually have a best friend that is negative or 2. If your boyfriend is not worth it. Good muck.

~ 2 weeks ago Annie2001 said:
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~ 1 week ago Obihjj said:
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~ 6 days ago Emmanite said:
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~ 5 days ago mcola said:
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