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I'm a 29 years old guy and there are somethings that are troubling me now and I urgently need advice on that.
Few years ago, I was doing perfectly okay with my business, living my life to the fullest, doing and eating whatever I want. I didn't have any girl friend either. Finally I met these girl, she was having all the qualities I ever wanted from a woman, respect, hardworking, though she wasn't that beautiful.
Few months later after we started dating, she got pregnant. When she told about it, I became worried because, I wasn't ready to become a father yet, but to my surprise, she was very excited about the whole thing.
That made me to dislike her a bit because, it became obvious to me that, it's exactly what she wanted.
The very day her mom discovered about the pregnancy is the day she sent her to my house. Few months later she gave birth to a boy.
But the issue now is that, not only that my business has collapsed but, we hardly eat nowadays.
Though before she gave birth, I went to a man of God and told him about everything but, he told me that she is not my woman. Within me I doubted him because I was thinking he is take due to the way he asked me. He said "is like you have a woman in your life" I said yes and he then said, I have to be careful because, it's seems I haven't seen my woman yet. I reasoned it and said within my self, how could he not see that I have a woman by saying, it's like? And he should know it's would abnormal for me to be single.
To cut the story short, i now feel that she is a total bad luck to me. We dated for about two years before she got pregnant and since the time she became pregnant till today, I have never experienced success like before. I'm beginning to believe that all the misfortune is because we are together but, don't just know what to do about it.
Please, what do you think i should do about it.


~ 1 month ago Ammagidon said:
Bro calm down
See eh! The only advice I' ll give you is " to remove your mind from the notion that she' s or maybe responsible for you situation" . That way, you' ll be able to focus on the real issue squarely . To be married man is not a joke. So calm down! Secondly, if your girl isn' t doing anything, you guy should discuss that as well. Thanks

~ 3 weeks ago damballah said:
First of all you should get a DNAtest to see if it’s really your child to make sure you weren’t trapped by her and her Mom. Do you love herhave a talk with her and decide what you’re going to do and it’s true some people are bad luck I got rid of amperson like that 5yrs ago and my life had changed for the better if you two have to just be there for the child if it’s yours take care of your child and move to a seperate place away from her and go on about rebuilding your life
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