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HI EVERYONE its been 6 years I being on here hope you all are doing good?


~ 1 year ago Danielsilas95 said:
urgent help needed.
Hello everyone, I find this site interesting and helpful that is why I would like advices from all if possible. I am a victim of betting and now it is about ruining my life. The money I was saving to start a business is gone 750k to be précised. Any money that comes to my possession the first thing I think of is betting please help. I currently can' t sleep because am thinking of all the money I lost. Please help. Thanks

~ 1 year ago naijaboyz247 said:
betting issues
Sorry to hear, betting is actually a habit that can be taken care of. If you win some and loose some, its ok. But loosing all the time stinks. Before i can go further, i would like to know what exactly do you bet on and how! naijaboyz

~ 1 year ago elusakin said:
You' re always advised to gamble responsibly. Secondly, count your losses and scram. Betting will destroy your life.

~ 1 year ago Bennies said:
Betting advice
Betting is not that too bad afterall some guys out there keeps winning. What u must know is that u stake what u can afford to loose. Moreover, u must not use ur project money on gambling, it doesn' t workout that way. Make sure u do a comprehensive evaluation on any game before u stake. Dont always be in a rush!

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