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Pls my pals, I have be dating my girlfriend for two years now and till date no sign of pregnancy, we have gone for various tests and scans, yet no result. I am ok to impregnate a woman, but she is not taking in. Now am not happy anymore because time wait for no man, she suggested for u to path ways so dat I can get another girl so dat she will not be waisting my time. Pls I need ur advice now on what to do seriously


~ 6 months ago inisha said:
Response to your comment about pregnancy
Sorry o my dear brother, yours is not the first or would be the last. We have couples that waited for 16 years before God answer them. If your lady insist that she want to go after a lot of persuasion, then let her go God will bring another wife. If she decides to be with you for life keep assuring her that one day, it will be her turn. Ezekiel

~ 6 months ago schegzy said:
My Question is...
Are there no other reasons for both of you to be together aside from pregnancy? If to get her pregnant is the only reason why you are guys are dating, then your relationship can never last. Best advice is to break-up now.

~ 5 months ago donslmnstvn said:
Hello bro
Get marry to her and see if she won' t get pregnant
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~ 1 month ago agnitrafoundation said:
My response
There are very successful Vedic cures for this medical issue. You should consult a Vedic Scholar who has experience in curing this problem through the Vedic method. There is one very renowned Vedic Scholar in India, < a href=" NAIJAPALS > Dr. Ganesh Dubey< /a> , he is particularly very famous for curing infertility.
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~ 3 weeks ago HelloKaitlyn said:
Dude, what you have to realise here is that just because the woman you are currently dating isn’t able to produce a child with you doesn’t mean she is just wasting your time. Try remembering the good times you have together and use that to make your relationship work. Sex and procreation isn’t everything when it comes to relationships, brother. But if you really feel like breaking up with her, I think you should do it right away instead of cheating on her.
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