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Need advice seriously please. I have a serious misunderstanding between me and my elder brother. He and his 2 daughters exchanged words with me, and my elder brother is in support of them. I consider what they did to me is an abomination, so I used my phone and record some of their voice. Later I send WhatsApp voice notes to one of them(his Daughter) in retaliation of her stupidity. So the following day, her mother take revenge and sends reply to me and later disclosed what happened to their father (my Elder brother). Now he is saying that he disowned me forever as his brother. And he will never talk to me again or listen to me for life.
I knew I did nothing to him. And I don't want to hold him in my heart. Please advise me on what to do to maintain our normal relationship between me and my elder brother.


~ 2 weeks ago Paulevery said:
Well! My opinion on this matter is ,
First point. Your brother has failed to recognize that he have a sibling that deserves respect too,
Secondly point : your elder brother is aware that his daughters insulted you and he also joined voice with them to insult and disowned you for trying to regard your self
Third point : your elder brother wife also added more salt to injure...
With this few points of mine
I feel you should also disowned your elder brother because he doesn't respect the fact that you acknowledge him being your elder,
He is trying to be a dictator in your life by using his wife and two daughters to manipulate you just the way they have manipulated him towards you...
You have to disown him too and move on with your life. Period
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~ 2 weeks ago apprehended said:
Forget that animal, abi na hin dey feed u ni nonsense
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~ 6 days ago chanst said:
Try to fix it
Firstly, you may have reacted to far And also, it' s a family feud about to set in Try as much as possible to rise up to the occasion and negotiate for peace. Nothing can be substitute a peaceful family
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