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I got married early last year, because I was pregnant. I love my husband and daughter, but marriage is not as interesting as I thought it would be.

We both have good jobs and my mom helps in looking after the child when I’m away in the office. I also have a fairly well behaved maid.

Yet, I’m not happy. I see the years ahead stretching out like this and I feel disillusioned.

I don’t even know if my husband feels the same way, as I haven’t discussed it with him, in case he feels hurt.

Please help.


~ 1 month ago apprehended said:
Like I care for your feelings, get lost.
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~ 2 days ago WILLIAMS99 said:
If you feel this way, i would recommend you see a therapist. As you have two choices 1, Adjust to marriage life, accept things the way they are and make changes where you want. 2, you leave the marriage until you believe you are ready for what it entails. I give you my wisdom. #Daimon_Cares
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