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Good morning my fellow naijapals,please…la st night I dreamt where I was surrounded with dogs.please what is the meaning … insult I need a genuine interpretation,thanks


~ 2 months ago biafrarepublic said:
Biafra News
Mr. Tinubu i Pepe is here to inform you that we Biafrans is tied of your so-called Nigeria Please let biafra go

~ 1 month ago walterk15 said:
Good business
Just get into the business of selling and training dogs and you will make great success.

~ 5 days ago jhon888765 said:
The Phantom Chip Thief
Dave had a knack for ' borrowing' chips from unsuspecting players. One night, he tried his luck with a grizzled poker veteran, only to realize he was playing against a retired magician. The ' borrowed' chips magically returned to their rightful owners!

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