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I was born in 1978. A committed Christian woman, who loves the Lord and practice abstinence. I have never been married and so I do not have children.

I will love to be married this year 2024. Trusting God, for a God-Fearing, kind, faithful and generous Son of God for my husband. It is okay if he has children, I am a kind hearted woman and will love his children like mine. He should also, be open to having children with me too.

Please pray for me that the Lord would exceed my expectations in Jesus name. Amen. Thank you for your generosity, prayers and kind words.


~ 2 months ago ekundayo180 said:
Humble mind
Am lekan by name but if you don' t mind,can i have your email or contact.
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~ 2 months ago Kanonhaki01 said:
How I wish you will accept the Kalma, meaning accepting Islam. It would be better to my prediction. I wish you success please.
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~ 2 months ago christianity said:
dont worry
come to daddy

~ 1 month ago rashyjones said:
Im available.. Inbox me your number
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