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I am the riches artist in Diaspora. Go jump fance.
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I wish to have a girl friend before the end of the hear. preferably not from my tribe. the issue is i am not gingered enough to check out any girl. so if there is any lady in this forun reading this and feel we could work somfin out in abeokuta, you can holla.
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My confession today is,i so badly need an phone.any kind of a good Android phone. i will be so glad if any kind hearted person can voluntary to buy me a phone as a Christmas present. i await that kind hearted fellow's response. thank you
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I CURRENTLY live with my boyfriend of 10 months and I never thought he would cheat on me – I know we love each other deeply. But he recently came back from a three- week course where he said he got friendly with a female delegate from another company.

I thought nothing of this but, one night, I caught him in the toilet sending a text message.

He flushed the toilet to distract me, but when I looked at his mobile when he was having a bath, I saw he’d just sent a suggestive text to this woman.

When I confronted him, he swore nothing happened between them – he’s even keen on going ahead with our wedding plans. I feel as if I can’t ever trust him again.
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My boyfriend attitude is strange, i dont really know how to discribe him, no matter what i do it will look like it means notin to him, at de beginning he will pretend to appreciate but when de time goes, he will forget de good side of it and paint me black and concentrate on one tin i did wrong, i have tried so much to make dis relationship to work out but it seems like I'm wasting my time, he always think nagative, no matter how i tried to please him, he will still bring out one fault in me, he don't give me money instead i spend the little one i have, anytime we quarrel, i will be de one to call him even if I'm not at fault and he will still be forming, i don't just know how to discribe him, I'm always depressed anytime we quarrelled, he will be saying tins i don't do or using words dat will hurt me deeply, like i dont need u, leave my line for me, u are not de woman i can leave with, u are an enemy of progress, u are dis u are dat, u are de one dat faulse urself on me, i don't have interest den i will keep begging and begging for something i didn't do, even after de insult i will be de one to beg and after begging and pleading den we will continue de our gud tense, now I'm pregnant and de word he always use on me keep breaking my heart and making me depressed, he always say with me or without me he will not shake, now I'm just alone in dis whole mess, pls how do i prove to him dat i can live without him bcos anytime i decided not to call him anymore i end up calling him, anytime we quarrel even if its his own fault even if i didn't call him for 1year dis guy will not call me, i think dis whole tin will not workout, he keep telling me dis, he is de problem not me but de more i keep thinking about de whole stress i have been through the more i keep getting Angry and frustrated, i have really suffered bcos of dis guy but it sees it like i have done notin for him and it pains me so much, how can a human being have dis kind of attitude? I wonder, he said i can keep de baby for myself and do what i want to do with it, can u imagine? I'm going crazy and its like i don't want to leave anymore, its not fair
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