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I'm so heartbroken, my baby daddy is giving me stress, we are not in the same country but always causing problem, it's a week and 3 days dis quarrel started, he called me a prostitute and I called him gay through chat, he insulted me seriously through msg and we didn't taik to each other for 1 week, so i decided to call to make peace, he is not picking or responding to my msg, he should be de one apologising but no, instead I'm de one apologising and he is still forming, I'm so tired, I have been de one taking care of dis child alone yet he is still de one misbehaving, dis is so heartbreaking, I love dis guy and I don't just know why he is behaving like dis, I'm so hurt and I have lost so much weight, plz how do I move on? No matter how I try to stop calling him, I still end up calling, what can do plz crying
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Why do yoruba people like respect?
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sorry dear take me ask my broda about that course
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Difficult to understand
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Good morning everyone, I feel hot in my body, from my back ass hip waist, always moving from one place to another, and I will be loosing weight from dat particular place dat is hoting me, it normally come and go, after feeling it for like 1month and it will go and come back again maybe after 3months and so on, it's making me feel depressed, don't know what to do, it has started again, feeling hot as if i use pepper to rub, I'm now looking shapeless again and people will be asking me if I'm sick, I don't know what is dis tin dat is doing me, plz help me my people, do anyone have any ideal of what it's, I need help, I will kill myself one day bcos of dis, help a sister pls, I'm feeling now as if it rub pepper, crying
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