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Goodafternoonmy people,

Can any body tell me how to change my name on my profile here?

Thank you!
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I’m very close to my boyfriend of nine months and enjoy the intimacy that exists between us.

The thing is that when we have sex” he closes his eyes and stays silent. He says he enjoys cuddling more than sex, yet he also says he wants more excitement.

How do I interpret his mixed signals? It’s impossible to read his feelings when his eyes are closed during sex, whilst he says nothing.
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I’ve been with my partner for 15 years and comfortable with the filet that he keeps in touch with his ex-wife. Now his ex lives just a few minutes’ walk from us and I’m not happy.

He’s always dashing round to do jobs for her and gives her lifts most of the time. They have three children together and they often come to their mother’s, making the whole atmosphere as cosy as if they’re family again. But we have a daughter of our own who needs him. Why can’t he spend more time with us
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I am not a thief for average companies no more
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My cousin had his 30th birthday party and I got so drunk and had a one night stand with a guy at a club and it happened very fast without us getting to know each other too much first. The problem is, the next day I felt extremely sad and depressed.

I felt like I’ve been used and felt cheap. I was also sad that he didn’t ask me for my phone number or my name even though I wasn’t interested in him. I felt unattractive and worthless. Is it normal to feel this way? Do guys also feel this way too? How can I get over this post-one-night-stand depression?
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