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I am at the lowest hebb of my life now, nothing excites me any longer. Have lost everything in life. Right from my childhood, have been unlucky. I missed an opportunity to gain admission into Unibadan in 2008 having being luckily called for admission among many applicants.Got to know later after the exercise had finished. It was devastating. Later I got admission the following session but through distance learning mode.My life started smoothly until I joined army 2012.I served for some years before I got dismissed due to AWOL.I left my duty post in North east without permission due to my final year exams i had in 2015.When i got,I was summarily dismissed. My life shattered that moment.From 2016 till now,have been leaving from hand to my mouth.I could have received my result but spilled over courses won't allow me.I just got lucky this year with it as I have cleared all my carry over courses.It is not an easy ride at all.During this period of joblessness, I lost my dad to cold hand of death,my girlfriend desert is really unfair to me.My pain now is that all my colleagues are all ahead of me.My army colleagues have been giving promotions at work,my contemporary at school have all long graduated and start job with nice life.
At 29,I felt it is all over for me.The hard luck have been from cradle. The feeling am having now is really suicidal. For the first time in my life ,I felt hopeless,no work,no friends ,just suicidal.The little security guard work am doing is being terminated. Am just managing that work for almost 2 years since in lost
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Please I need your advice!
I have a widowed sister who lost her husband a year ago. she has 4 kids ( 2 girls and 2 boys) aged between 18 and 9 years old to care for now and her husbands gratuity just got paid to her. She has asked me to advice her on what kind of business do with the money and i don't want to miss guide her on this, so i have come to this platform to seek better heads for advice on this.

kindly advice on what sought of business N 500,000 can do that would can bring a good turnover on daily trade. please be nice as u reply.

thank you.
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I want to run mad now .
My wife just gave birth our son is 3 weeks and my mum came for omuguw, so she has been with us for few weeks now . My mum called me yesterday as I came back from work to tell me that my wife is cheating on me , I did not understand, then she added that there is this man that use to come to the house each time i have gone to work ,acting like and electrician , and she notice that by the time she wakes up from sleep the ma is gone . Until yesterday she refused to eat anything, so when the house help brought food for her, she poured it away and acted like she was sleeping as usual which is how she use to find herself everyday sleeping. So she said she noticed the house was quit and she quietly climbed up stairs and saw my wife with that same electrician making love with the rooms open and my little baby crying in the cot . She said she screamed and my wife threatened to kill her if she tells me . I have been thinking and I can’t share this with my friends or close family. How do I protect my mum and deal with my wife , who owns this child she just gave birth to . I am just in my reading room thinking , I refuse to believe it .
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I've been single since January, I came out of a serious relationship due to some family issues and since then relationship hasn't been in my favour.. There's this particular guy have known for years (over 5years) he has been on my issue,I pended his request because he's this kind of on and off guy so I never saw him as someone that truly love me but we are friends.... Fast forward to July.. He came up with it again and claiming to be single so I said yes but communication has been so poor.. Poor like we can go one week without communicating, i always break the silence,he chats once in a while... I talked to him about it but he claims he loves me that loves comes from the heart and not by how many times you communicate..he has been like this that's y I peended his request since.. He's always claiming busy,though he can travel to 5diff states in 5days and ended up travelling out of the country for weeks due to his job anyways.. He's always claiming he loves me because I've known him when he had nothing but he refuse to put it in action.. I'm this kind of lady that doesn't like forcing things, I so believe in the adage that says what would be would be... I give up on anything that obstruct my happiness so easily, he follows this platform but I'm not sure if he's going to read this due to his busy schedule as claimed.. We've not had sex we've slept together once.. The problem now is that he's planning on how we going to see,obviously we might have sex this time around but I'm confused if things won't go wrong more than this because someone that hasn't seen my pant and he doesn't see communication as a barrier.. Is it advisable for me to go see him? Yes,I love him so much even more than I'm showing him.. Pls advise a sister
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