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I am 27yr old guy, am in deeply in lv wit a girl it so serious. abt 4yr ago my mum av been keepin telin me 2stop datin her bcuz she said pastor told her dat we wil nt be copatible in d nearest future. bt am tryin CNT FIT STOP cuz i lv her. av gon 2pastor
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Happy Sunday everyone, something has been bothering me, It's going to 2 months now since I gave birth to my first child, de tin is dat i don't want my breast to fall bcos my boyfriend hate flat breast, he said dat i should not allow my breast to fall and how are mine supposed to do dat, I'm breastfeeding and my baby only accept breast milk, what do I do? I don't want my breast to fall, he will be cheating on me when my breast become flat and I dont think he will find me attractive anymore, plz what will I do? Thanks
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so turns out i'm crazy in love with an older man, im 12 but there is a reallu cute 36 year old, we're pretty close cause we are uncle and nephew. I wrote a poem for him should i send it to him. Opinions?

Hearts beating wildly
Sweat intermixed
Hot and dazed
Completely spent

Limbs intertwined
Our bodies ebb
Into relaxation
Our desires fed

Sleep invites us
We tenderly kiss
we both succumb
Satisfied and content

Rest now, Baby

thanks for reading
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I recently made contact with an ex-boyfriend on Facebook. He was my first love. We were together for four years from the age of 17 to 21, until we had to go our separate ways to further our studies. I’m now 36 and happily married with four lovely children.

My ex also has a wife and a family. I often think about him but not in a romantic way, but as a potential good friend who I miss having in my life.

Do you think it’s okay for me to tell him this or, given our past, should I keep my thoughts to myself?
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This would is vanity
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