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I dated this girl since her early age am the first man in her life, she once got pregnant which am not responsible for,she claimed she was raped which she didn't tell me till pregnant occur,she terminated it with the help of her mum, I was not happy with her though latter accept her back, now she has over 5 boyfriend both married and single men, I keep advising her cause she is just 19, she came back to me lastly saying that she has repented but I don't believe her. Will I continue with her or quit , please need ur advise
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My wife serves her father food before serving me, isn't that disrespectful?
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Hi, guys! I'm new here. I'm trying to find someone to talk about main sport events in Nigeria and all over the world. I'm a true fan of football but just a noob in rules, so... Ronaldo is like a god for me cause he is in such a good shape even in his 36. I like to make predictions of matches, sometimes even correctly. Maybe someone new this site NAIJAPALS/ Independent opinion is needed. So, yeah, leave your opinion or let's talk about upcoming sport matches. Come on)
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HI EVERYONE its been 6 years I being on here hope you all are doing good?
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How do you advise a man who has been in financial crisis here and there and got to find out that the wife had a huge amount of money without even rendering no assistance to him?
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