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SCAM ALERT SCAM ALERT SCAM ALERT THIS MAN WITH THE NAME FRIDAY OYIKOCHO ODEH with the account number 2177866357 UBA tried to scam my father. They said there is a processing liquid that he can buy and their company will pay him handsomely.
Then my dad was introduced to another Scammer whose name is

My father would have been scammed 2.1million naira if not for the help of the internet. I searched some of the scammers account number which my dad had made some initial payment to.

FRIDAY ODEH OYIKOCHO 3114079702 First bank

Iboboyswag 0051212196 GTB

Oyelami Jude
3148820745 first bank
Pambani Samson

OYIKOCHO 3613490 (bet9ja)
Sukhothai 7064166 (nairabet)

piggyvestTrolI 2177866357 UBA Friday Odeh

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I meet the love of my life at least I thought every things fine I don't know how things went wrong He called me Olori
I guess distance played a big part but he was my true love one things is that's it's a man choice and funny how it's so easy to let go like women are dispensable
I hope he found his true love cause he tore my heart and I think he gave it back wish you well
Oke Akinola
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I lost my Mom very early in life and my father was barely at home because he works offshore, so I was raised by a stepmother who allowed me to do as I pleased. I took that freedom and indiscipline too far and became wayward when I got into university. At some point, I got an abortion without my father's knowledge and later tested positive for HIV.

Along the line, I met someone who took me in as his daughter. His family began to care for me and tried to get me back on track, but I thought I was too far gone. At this point, it wasn’t just about my health, I wasn't doing well in school either and my dad had no idea.

I was on a five-year course, but at the end of the fifth year, my CGPA was just too poor. There was no point as I was already told I wouldn’t graduate. I couldn't bring myself to tell my father I was about to get kicked out of school. That was when I realized the damage I had done to my life.

I was given the option of transferring to another department to begin afresh rather than leaving school completely. Luckily, I got accepted into the new department. The difficult part was telling my father about it. When I finally told him, he took the news calmly and I’m grateful for that. I have no reason to doubt that my father loves me. I don’t know why I strayed so far.

Now I'm 22 and I'm not playing with this new opportunity; my studies are a priority.

I have still not been able to tell my father about my HIV status but I have been taking my medication religiously and my viral load is low. I don't think I’m bold enough to tell him about it yet.
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Good day, when I meet my husband, he told me he has two kids, but no more with the wife due to her wayward life style, after marriage I discover he had 4kids with the first wife he claim not to married and 2kids with another he also claim not to married, now I am legally married to him with two kids as well, truth just been revealed after 2kids, I do not know what to do. Kindly advise.
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I dated this girl since her early age am the first man in her life, she once got pregnant which am not responsible for,she claimed she was raped which she didn't tell me till pregnant occur,she terminated it with the help of her mum, I was not happy with her though latter accept her back, now she has over 5 boyfriend both married and single men, I keep advising her cause she is just 19, she came back to me lastly saying that she has repented but I don't believe her. Will I continue with her or quit , please need ur advise
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