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What is Land?

Land is the uncovered part of the earth. It is given by the Most-High. And GOD has given man the ability of exercising authority over lands. And because of that, land becomes indispensable.

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My husband is very stingy, how can I deal with him?
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My (dad(parent (father))) [Not knowing how else to describe him] is a GHOST that possess one unto anger. I think he wants me to break his head or maybe kill him any way physical before I own my living. This is how I Cut the long story short, I keep running away from home... O God. I'm hungry!
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My husband does not open car door for me .. I miss your platform and I hope you post this , I love growth and very proud to be a member . I want advice please I beg you post for me .
Since I was born no man has ever opened car door for me in my life, I see it in movies but not experienced it before. I have dated o we 7 guys and finally am married and my husband will never open car door for me . Even if I ask he will say don’t I have hands, I feel so bad. I want to be loved and the only thing I ask is to open a car door and make me feel special . The car is my car but we drive it together and I even pay most of our bills yet he won’t pamper me like a woman . The painful part was when he opened the door for my friend when we went to pick her to church and when I asked him he said she was on high heels and carrying a Bible and bag . I want it so bad , I want him to just open the car door for me and make me feel special. It’s not too much to ask how do I make him do it .
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Hello everyone,i seek your advise on this crossroads where I found myself. My Father wants me to quit music,leave my barbing job and come back home and work in a reputable company,marry and have kids. I have been into music for close to 8years now,and Dad thinks I am wasting my time. I am a graduate of Delta State University and Dad wants me to forget about music. What do you guys think I should do? I have made slow but steady progress in my music career and have done collaboration with some A list artiste. Or should I go back home and live the life my Dad wants me to live.
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