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| just want to know if i am overreacting because i have called off my wedding that is supposed to be coming up this year ,i have done her introduction and she knows i am certainly going to marry her, first off i told her to redeploy to enugu for her NYSC and she agreed , i also gave her money to do her change of name so it would make it easier for her, But i realised that she has been reluctant about it, everytime i ask her if she has done it she is always giving one excuse or the other, and i was getting angry about it, it was her sister that eventually opened up to me and told me that she says she doesn't want her certificate to bear my name that she wants to give the honour to her father because he trained her and this is the same girl that i wanted to even just pay her bride price after the introduction but she said we should wait until after her youth service so we could do both the church and traditional at once, Now my anger is she is going to eventually answer my name so what is the big deal about changing it now, her mother said i am being unreasonable but my parents are saying i should forget her that she can't be submissive in marriage,, i really love her but this her attitude was just a turn off.

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My husband is seriously cheating on me and I have hardcore evidences,I got to know through one page on IG,they guy charged me just 2k and he thought me how to hack my husband WhatsApp.infact the things I read shocked me to the extent I started laughing,as in serious laugh o.
As a Shapiro,I didn’t confront him,I didn’t ask him anything,I played along wella.
There is this guy that has been on my case for two years now,we stay in osapa London lekki ,that’s how I called this guy and started flirting with him, I have officially started cheating and it feels good husband wants to die oo cos my attitude lately is turninoninown ooo,the attitude dey give a.m. headache,I don’t ask him for money,I don’t ask him what’s for breakfast,lunch dinner,the most shocking is that I don’t even bother to spend the money he drops for me and the children’s upkeep .
This my boyfriend likes me wella though We know it’s not love but we are enjoying each other.i am even thinking of going with him to d Maldives this valentine
My husband will never recover by the time I am done with he’s scared monitoring me up and down,asking questions,doesn’t stay out late again,his phone is now open no more password
Life is good
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Gud day guys,I am 28yrs old,but still struggling with my educational supposed to av graduate dis yr Nov or December but I av results problem dat extended my yr of graduation,my problem is how will I tell my parents dis serious academic challenge???or should I stop de skoling?? without letting anybody to no Abt it,the worst of all my girlfriend I intend marrying nxt yr after skol,is hoping dt I will b a graduate dis yr n go 4 service next year....pls pals i cry every night dat all my hope in life has been destroyd,am in a depressed state of confusion i feel like ending my life any moment from now,pls pals i need ur advice on what to do pls...
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How can i successfully approach a girl am in love with because am a shy type and i don't really know things to say
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I discovered yesterday that my fiancee had an abortion without telling me. She spent about 3 weeks in my house last year March and on a particular day we had unprotected sex. The following morning, I gave her money to buy Postinor before leaving for work. She bought and took it, in my presence and I did not touch her again before she left my house.

The following month (April 2018), she left for NYSC camp. After camp, she came back the following month, I saw her briefly before she finally left for service. Meanwhile, all this time she was pregnant for me and she never told me. She knows I am strongly against abortion, besides why will I ask a girl I love and planning to marry to abort my baby.

Sometime around June last year, we had issues and she broke up with me. We got back together May this year. I have so many questions right now on my head and sincerely I don't even know how I am feeling right now.

And I am wondering how come she got pregnant even after taking emergency pill (Postinor) ?

And why would a woman abort a baby for a man that is willing to take full responsibility of the pregnancy and even marry her? She claims she wasn't ready to have a baby then.
The most painful part of this whole thing is she hiding it from me because she knows I would never have allowed her to have the abortion.
I don't even know if I want to continue with the marriage plans anymore, because I feel so deceived.’
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