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Good day pals.
I have a relationship of almost 5 yes, I dated her from jss1 till she graduated. I have heard her story meeting men which she only agreed on 3men that sex her.
Now I told her a friend like her and wanted her she submitted and ask for money that will be paid. We are waiting for the guy to come pay and sex her when she answered another call and calling her sweetheart which she answered and I slapped her.
She has been crying.that its must. A name I wanted to cut the relationship, I seized her phone and Sim card cause I bought them and only that will help me forget her if I don't know her number again.
Please pals what should I do ,return her phone, return her ATM cards cause I seize it and she will not be able to get again cause she no wise I did all for her
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Hello lovers
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Bros you go on jumia or Any online store get your wife a snoring regularor. It helps alot
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Need advice seriously please. I have a serious misunderstanding between me and my elder brother. He and his 2 daughters exchanged words with me, and my elder brother is in support of them. I consider what they did to me is an abomination, so I used my phone and record some of their voice. Later I send WhatsApp voice notes to one of them(his Daughter) in retaliation of her stupidity. So the following day, her mother take revenge and sends reply to me and later disclosed what happened to their father (my Elder brother). Now he is saying that he disowned me forever as his brother. And he will never talk to me again or listen to me for life.
I knew I did nothing to him. And I don't want to hold him in my heart. Please advise me on what to do to maintain our normal relationship between me and my elder brother.
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I am married man. We have been married for 7 years now with a baby girl. My wife is all round good but there is a part of her i have been managing. She snores when sleeping. I so dislike this and it distops me so much. Lately it seems she has gained weight and has she dose so the noise so increases. What do i do
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