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Am a dude who's an introvert, one who's so scared to ask a lady out. It really bothers me because presently, I've got plans of settling down soon and am scared of ending up with someone who's isn't really what I wanted. I have a clear view of the kind of class of lady I really do want but whenever I see anyone that's in that category i get frozen up until am gone past the moment. My confidence is really low. I sometimes do get the green light from these ladies especially those around my neighborhood but how do I even begin? This really bothers me as I seem to be uncomfortable with those I relate with at the moment. I really need a change cos I really want to start a family soon.
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Child disclaimer!!!
This is to notify the general public or who may be concerned about new development of an elaborate wedding between osarumwense sese sussan Edebiri of #17, Edebiri str off rio petrol station urora qrts Edo state and the Edobor family. Be notified that the marriage has since broken down on account of sese sussan Edebiri multiple adultery with plenty other men. sese was found out and discovered and she voluntarily confessed to her ex husband to be having adulterous sexual affairs with several other men. She confessed sleeping multiple times with a married native doctor, her ex husband married tenant, her own father's married driver, on her introduction day she was pregnant for a married man by Name VINCENT(sterling bank mission road) when she was their staff, with one of her senior sister husband in portharcourt renowned to always beat up his wife and his sister inlaw in portharcourt since her days as student of uniport and a certain bode and ik in Benin and JOSHUA(ex boyfriend a doctor in benin. Sese sussan with total support of her mother Mabel asemota Edebiri(woman leader church of God mission Eyean and apostle of serial adultery) ran away All by herself with a new born baby girl named verena who her ex husband is not sure of because of her promiscuity. At the magistrate customary court oregebeni, both family agreed to a paternity test of baby verena but at the well sought after faith mediplex GRA the family of Edebiri and sese twice failed to step out to determine who is baby verena's father. Her ex husband based abroad and edobor family hereby alert the general public that baby verena is not a child from Edobor kindren and henceforth verena must seize to bear that name verena. the Edebiri family who have since dubiously and secretly married sese out(to one the guys committing adultery with her) in just one year after her mother mabel supervised her adultery escapades should be advised peacefully to mind their business both physically and spiritually and otherwise. Signed...
Edobor family....

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i like this confessions.
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So basically, I have been talking to a guy I met on Instagram since June of this year. I live in Milan, and he was supposed to come see me in August but due to his busy schedule with work, he couldn’t make it. So since I’m coming to Nigeria for Christmas, we decided to meet up in Nigeria. I’m not coming for him, i had already planned on coming for my friends wedding. So anyways, this guy seems to really like me. He’s 42 while I just turned 23. I kind of feel weird because of the age difference, I’ve never been with anyone that much older than me. He seems to want marriage and stuff which I’m not ready for. He’s a divorcee and has a child. He’s never given me money before nor have I ever asked him for money. I genuinely like him but my problem now is that, I have a boyfriend who stays in Abuja, we’ve been together for two years but we recently took a break because he’s been cheating on me nonstop. He’s 27. But recently, we started talking again and he wants us to get back together and I feel bad now because I’m getting to know the 42 years old man and we’re planning on spending time together. I feel bad because I don’t want it to look like I’m double dating. I obviously love my boyfriend but he’s cheated on me several times so I don’t know if I should just do the same thing back to him and get to know this guy, it’s not like I’m trying to marry him. But I also don’t want to get to know this new guy and mess things up with my boyfriend. I know it’s very confusing, please help.
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