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Good morning Naijapals members.
The lord bestowed in my hands an heavenly mandate to be shared with humanity and mankind based on my experience and encounter with Satan and its, am apostle Israel adewole Adebamiji from Jesus christ ministry international JCMI. Myself and my wife who also happens to be a prophetess started our ministry in the year 2018 by attending to people at home, and through this medium diverse miracles happened in the lives of people we came across, though there were many challenges and obstacles along the way but we were able to scale through. .unfortunately in the year 2021 something strange happened, the same voice of the so called holy spirit we have been hearing started threatening us, and as if that was not enough we started having nightmares, seen evil visions, but we were still steadfast in prayers.. Later on, in the year 2022 precisely April 30, the so called holy spirit who have been tormenting and frustrating our lives showed up and promised us all manners of things,they said that is the way they usually trained every servant of God with new callings coming out.. As obedient children we were happy because we had already suffered so much. Along the line we were told that we will build a very mighty church auditorium, and thereafter have a primary and secondary school respectively with precise date and years given to us. Not limited to that alone, we were made to understand that we are going to build a university as well.. All of a sudden, things change again and the same set of people calling themselves '' holy spirit '' started performing acts of immortality right in our house and in front of myself and my wife. To cut the long story short, the lord made us understand eventually that we have been assigned the task of telling the whole world that there is nothing called, vision, dreams, speaking in tongues and hearing prophecies again, the lord said the Era of the above mentioned points have long gone but servants of God do not take note due to the activities of satan.. For more information go to YouTube channel type - apostle Israel adewole Adebamiji, (heavenly mandate). You will get the full gist there. Thanks.
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I recently discovered my husband had been ‘talking’ with another woman behind my back for almost two years.

I felt totally shocked that I didn’t know this woman and that he’d never mentioned her to me. I obviously assumed they were having a sexual relationship.

So, I confronted him and he denied it, saying they were friends but he didn’t want to tell me about their friendship because he didn’t think I would understand.

I felt lied to and betrayed – if he had nothing to hide, why not say something?

It hurts to know that he’s been keeping this a secret from me and I don’t see how I can ever trust him again. I did get in touch with the woman in question and she assured me that their relationship wasn’t sexual and that she is happy with her partner.

She even said she doesn’t know why my husband wasn’t open about their friendship.
Instead of being sorry and wanting to make it up with me, he just seems angry that I’ve ruined this friendship for him.

To make things worse, his friends and parents don’t believe he’s done anything wrong, and think I’m the one who’s being unreasonable.

Do you think I am?
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I Am Back, one and only APPREHENDED is in the house, the King Of Fight Park is here. Let's get this party started. Bring back Fight Park.
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I got married early last year, because I was pregnant. I love my husband and daughter, but marriage is not as interesting as I thought it would be.

We both have good jobs and my mom helps in looking after the child when I’m away in the office. I also have a fairly well behaved maid.

Yet, I’m not happy. I see the years ahead stretching out like this and I feel disillusioned.

I don’t even know if my husband feels the same way, as I haven’t discussed it with him, in case he feels hurt.

Please help.
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What is divorce process in Rivers State or Bayelsa State or any other state that is cheaper?
How long does it take?
The amount ranges?
No property/child together.
I need advice. Thank u.
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