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I have been holding myself not to send you this but I need to talk to someone desperately.
Menstrual blood works magic when it comes to keeping any man,but the problem is the fact that it does not have dose,my friend introduced me to it lately and I have been using it on my cheating boyfriend and for 8 months now he has not cheated but he is always sick. Whenever he gets sick I get scared and feel he is going to die but it ends up being malaria or normal sickness. I want to stop using my menstrual blood to cook for him ,I even use it to make tea for him,when even I am on my period I just wash out the sanitary pad, Inside water,the put it in a bottle and fridge it ,I use it to cook for him because I cook much and store for him in the deep freezer. I want to stop but I am scared he will go back to cheating, and how come he has not proposed am still trying to figure that out,once I do I will share but please how do I stop this habit, what other method do I use to make him stop cheating.
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I met this guy four years ago , we started dating, it was during our relationship I knew we have lived in the same compound before they moved out , foster Mum wasn’t around during those period .
He loves me ,and I love him so much too, the problem is that my foster Mum and my sisters doesn’t like him ...I fought for him in the last three years , telling my family he’s the one I want to spend the rest of life with.. Ps ; I was 21 when I met him , and i was beaten mercilessly by Mum and sisters when he deflowered me , and took me to his house to fight cos he was 28 that year... He was angry at them for beating me like a dog telling .....
They tried their possible best to scatter us and the love has been growing stronger since then , the guy has been a great resting shoulder.
I love this man , but my family insists he’s proud and pompous irrespective of what he said on the day they they took me to his house.
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| just want to know if i am overreacting because i have called off my wedding that is supposed to be coming up this year ,i have done her introduction and she knows i am certainly going to marry her, first off i told her to redeploy to enugu for her NYSC and she agreed , i also gave her money to do her change of name so it would make it easier for her, But i realised that she has been reluctant about it, everytime i ask her if she has done it she is always giving one excuse or the other, and i was getting angry about it, it was her sister that eventually opened up to me and told me that she says she doesn't want her certificate to bear my name that she wants to give the honour to her father because he trained her and this is the same girl that i wanted to even just pay her bride price after the introduction but she said we should wait until after her youth service so we could do both the church and traditional at once, Now my anger is she is going to eventually answer my name so what is the big deal about changing it now, her mother said i am being unreasonable but my parents are saying i should forget her that she can't be submissive in marriage,, i really love her but this her attitude was just a turn off.

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My husband is seriously cheating on me and I have hardcore evidences,I got to know through one page on IG,they guy charged me just 2k and he thought me how to hack my husband WhatsApp.infact the things I read shocked me to the extent I started laughing,as in serious laugh o.
As a Shapiro,I didn’t confront him,I didn’t ask him anything,I played along wella.
There is this guy that has been on my case for two years now,we stay in osapa London lekki ,that’s how I called this guy and started flirting with him, I have officially started cheating and it feels good husband wants to die oo cos my attitude lately is turninoninown ooo,the attitude dey give a.m. headache,I don’t ask him for money,I don’t ask him what’s for breakfast,lunch dinner,the most shocking is that I don’t even bother to spend the money he drops for me and the children’s upkeep .
This my boyfriend likes me wella though We know it’s not love but we are enjoying each other.i am even thinking of going with him to d Maldives this valentine
My husband will never recover by the time I am done with he’s scared monitoring me up and down,asking questions,doesn’t stay out late again,his phone is now open no more password
Life is good
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Gud day guys,I am 28yrs old,but still struggling with my educational supposed to av graduate dis yr Nov or December but I av results problem dat extended my yr of graduation,my problem is how will I tell my parents dis serious academic challenge???or should I stop de skoling?? without letting anybody to no Abt it,the worst of all my girlfriend I intend marrying nxt yr after skol,is hoping dt I will b a graduate dis yr n go 4 service next year....pls pals i cry every night dat all my hope in life has been destroyd,am in a depressed state of confusion i feel like ending my life any moment from now,pls pals i need ur advice on what to do pls...
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