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What is divorce process in Rivers State or Bayelsa State or any other state that is cheaper?
How long does it take?
The amount ranges?
No property/child together.
I need advice. Thank u.
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I been married 8 years to a Nigerian and had no ideas that some of them just scam you and abandon you at a drop of a dime. I never expected this man was leaving me until I got a call and he said he was in Ohio and not returning. I observed he had taken my vehicle and all Apple products his clothes and food and had cleared everything while I was at work. Such a coward.
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This Past Days Has Opened My Eyes To The Type Of Woman I Married

"I was in custody of SARS for three days my wife did not even ask. I came back yesterday my wife was eating rice and chicken with the kids.

"Her excuse is she thought I was with my other women. I have just one wife and she is the one at home yet never cared to ask after me. My challenge is my kids. If I divorce her we will stay apart and because she planned all this,the kids are more attached to her.

"What can I do, this her attitude really hurt me. She is not bothered,she is not bothered if I come home or not, if I touch her or not,if I eat or not and I provide all in the house. Look at the type of person I married.
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A friend asked me a question about his relationship today and since am not a relationship therapist, I chose to throw the question here for public opinion.

His girlfriend travelled from Benin to visit him at Asaba. He would have gone for a party organized by one of his office colleague that afternoon but in order to spend quality time with his girlfriend, he lied to the hearing of people in the office that he will travel that weekend for an important issues. The venue for the office event is also in the guys street.

On the girlfriend's arrival to Asaba, she called him to come and wait for her at his street junction so they can go inside together. He tried to explain to his girlfriend why he wouldn't want to come out to avoid his office colleagues seeing him. Remember that the venue for the party is in the guy's street.

His girlfriend responded on phone that such a reason is an unnecessary excuse for him not to come out to his street junction and wait for her. She finally came in and was very angry. He tried so much to explained to her in details why he didn't want to come out but she wasn't considerate at all. All she was saying is that it doesn't matter if his office people see him because she came from a distance for him.

Both of them claims to be right on their own reasoning and peace disappeared from this beautiful relationship. They want to hear from the public to know who actually offended the other.

What is your take on this matter?
Is it okay the way the guy didn't come out to welcome his girlfriend?
Would it have been a good decision if the guy came out to welcome his girlfriend after lying to his office colleagues that he will travel during the weekend?
Your advice to the girl and the guy is needed to settle this matter in their relationship.
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