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I didn't ask to be created, and I think it's quite unfair to bring people into the world without their consent.

I have no desire to continue living. Nothing interests me... This world is shit!
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Why do most men take good, hardworking ladies for granted? ...Here’s my story, I’d be 26 in a few days. there’s this guy I’ve been seeing for a while, he’s in the states and I’m back here in Nig, we have been together before he traveled, we’ve always been on and off, he’d just disappear and reappear anytime he see me doing pretty well for myself. I run an online store, I’m more introverted and I have just few friends. So recently things weren’t going quite well and my phone crashed, I had to use money from my business to get a new one and it really affected it My BF on the other hand sometimes ask me about it but he’s not willing to help in anyway .. he has a good job, he has the money because he tells me about most of his transactions. My sis once had accommodation ish in school and I needed just 20k to balance up, I told him about it he said he didn’t have and the following day transferred 100k plus to his mom for shopping ...I am not a liability, I’m not demanding and I’m even willing to do something for myself, all I want is just a little support. I come from a struggling family.. back to now I told him about my birthday, told him I needed to get a few stuff, I actually had it in mind to add it to the money for my business ..oga told me he had just 3500 to spare lmao like wth!! And since then he’s not really been talking to me and he’s recently talking to me about marriage, I’m pretty sure if I’m able to struggle my way through and try to put the pieces together which is usually difficult Because no one is willing to help now he’d come back again and start preaching about how he sees his future with me .. I’m someone who don’t believe in someone changing a particular thing about them after marriage ..but can I really settle with someone like this if he’s indeed serious about Marriage?
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I no longer feel the need to be alive. I don't plan on ending my life, but I just don't see the point of being here on earth.

So much pain and mystery. Yet, to what end?

Life's a curse!
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I just have a few questions that are bothering me. I met this guy through his mother. Actually the mom is my mom's friend. She collected my number from me and gave to her son. We have been communicating for going to two years now. He wants to marry me. He will be 31 yr old and I will be 21 this year . He is nice matured and very comfortable and he really pets me. I have been avoiding him since we started communication, not wanting to meet him, because I told him am not ready to marry cos am young and still in school and my course (law) is very hectic for marraige and motherhood. He told me I wouldn't have to worry that he will make me comfortable anywhere and in any situation. He has been very persistent. Never shown his anger when I don't respond or disappoint our appointment. I finally met him this Christmas and I like him very much, because of the way we have known since. He is proud to show me to all his family and big bosses and rich friends too. They all are even looking forward to the meet me. My mum likes him too. But he stopped at sec school then entered business before he made it. Though he said he is still going to go to uni. My worry is am I too young to marry? he too old for me? And not going to the University is it a problem?
I don't want to make a mistake because am too young and it would pain me cos I was young but I don't also want to loose a good man because I think am too young..(.i don't know if anyone can relate to this feeling ). Please I need advice especially from married people immediately because I think he wants to propose to me.

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is it my duty as a wife to dress the bed ?
Because my husband is beginning to get on my nerves, he is getting me so mad and if I react it can be bloody . Every time he wakes up he leave me to dress the bed and he will just go to work , I am tired of doing it because I work too not like I am not busy or jobless this is becoming a crazy habit .so today I intentionally refused to dress the bed and we just got back from work, the next thing he did was call me lazy and started throwing out the sheets from the bed, I just ignored him and went to the guest room and this is were I will be till Moro . Since nobody can dress the bed let us sleep in another room , he is crazy .
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